It could be that you may at some point wish to recalibrate the touchscreen as you maybe when selecting the different options in the software menu you will notice that the calibration is not quite proper.

How do you do this? - by following the steps presented below:

1. ALT+F4 to close browser

2. Click small feet icon in top left corner

3. Go to Options - > Calibration touch screen

4. Press with stylus in middle of mark 4 times(4x corner)

5. When ok, a terminal screen will appear

6. Take note of the 4 numbers in the following section:


Section “InputClass”

               Identifier                              “calibration”

               MatchProduct      “eGalaxy Touch Inc.”

 Option “Calibration” “78 1993 94 1814" 



Leave this screen open for now.


7. Open new one terminal with Options - > MATE Terminal

8. Enter following command(make sure the X in X11 is CAPITAL)


sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/30-calibration.conf


-- enter "lily" as password


9. A file will open with lines that look like the lines you open in the other terminal window

10. Replace the 4 numbers with the numbers in the other terminal

11. press ctrl+x and then “y” and enter to save

12. Reboot pc with commando


sudo reboot