Hello and thank you for choosing the Leapfrog Xeed for your printing needs.


The following solution will instruct you on how to replace the print head fans on the Xeed 2015.


- a number 2 , 2,5 and 3 Allen key

First, remove the 4 screws that hold the print head housing in place(Pic.1) using the 2.5 Allen key:


Lift the housing to expose the drive units and the filament guiding tubes(Pic.2):


Unbolt the side screw of the motor where the filament is stuck left or right (Pic.3a and b) using the number 3 Allen key:



Now, you can lift the motor (Pic.4):


Next, fully remove the drive unit motor the you need to unscrew the circled grub screw(Pic.5) using the number 2 Allen key:


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