Thank you for choosing the Creatr HS/HS XL for your printing needs. Please note that this solution applies to both printer types.

This solution will explain how to solve the issue presented in the picture below:

First you will need a USB keyboard.

Attach the keyboard to the front where the USB normally goes.

Press - CTRL + ALT + F1

A black screen will appear, it will ask for username, type:


and press enter. It will ask for password, type:


and press enter. You will not see any * or other palceholders for password when you type the password.

You will get a prompt, the next thing you need to type will remove the listings.

Change the directory to /dev/ (cd -> change directory

cd /dev/

Next issue a commando to list all the folders and files (LiSt -> ls in non capitals)


for each device issue the command:


ONLY DELETE THE USB ONES, one of the devices will be the main SD card -> you will can delete the whole system if you don’t select the correct ones.

for example:

rm -rf /dev/USB\ DISK_

(here the “\” character makes sure you can type a space “ “ in the name)

 (You can press TAB key to auto complete to a certain name)

Please make sure you type correct with capitals and spaces. You can then exit the menu by pressing:


Check if the “ghost” USB is disappeared by removing the keyboard and entering an USB stick.

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