Part: V2 Filament Bucket Bolt PRO [Left].STL

V2 Filament Bucket Bolt PRO [Right].STL

Compatible with: 

Leapfrog Bolt

Leapfrog Bolt PRO


The Filament Bucket for Bolt PRO can be placed inside the Leapfrog Bolt or Bolt PRO. Excesive material that is purged prior to your print job will be deposited in this bucket, making it easy to dispose after your print job is finished. 


We recommend printing these Filament Buckets in EPLA.
The model can be printed in mirror-mode, only one of the attached STL's is needed in this case.  

Simplify3D: Printing preperation single extruder "Normal mode"

V1.3 Leapfrog Bolt PRO EPLA.fff

Simplify3D: Printing preperation Dual extruder "Mirror mode"

V1.3 Leapfrog Bolt PRO EPLA [SYNC-MIRROR].fff