Find out which firmware your machine needs by following these steps:

1) Does your Creatr have a black drag chain that guides the wires from the printing carriage to the back of the machine? 

    Yes: Go to step 2  No: Go to step 3

2) Measure the diameter of the machine's back Z-axis pulley like shown in the photo below 

Z-axis pulley diameter:

20 mm

Single - 2a Marlin

Dual - 2b Marlin

30 mm

Single - 1a Marlin

Dual - 1b Marlin

Creatr XL click here

3) Measure the diameter of the machine's Z-axis spindles. 

Z-axis spindle diameter:

16 mm

Single - 3a Marlin

Dual - 3b Marlin

10 mm

Single - a4 Marlin

Dual - 4b Marlin

8 mm

Single - 5a Marlin

Dual - 5b Marlin


While checking the Z pulley please also have a look at the electronic board and see what type of board your Creatr printer has; If the printer has the electronic board from below then you need to follow the links below in order to download the proper firmware for that board:

Creatr Single

Creatr Dual

To upload the firmware, see the following solution article:

Uploading the Creatr Firmware