Applies to the Creatr Single, Dual, XL Printers

This solution has steps to replacing/removing the Creatr Hot End (Extruder and Heat Cartridge)

(It does not cover replacing the thermistor.)

Let's get started!

STEP 1: Using the jog controls, lower the print bed, home the Y-axis, and center the X axis.

STEP 2: If you have filament in the extruder that you need to replace, preheat the extruder and remove the filament when the extruder has reached the optimal temperature for the filament in the extruder. 

    STEP 2B: If you have a clog and cannot remove the filament, disconnect the filament tube from the print head and cut the filament close to the print head.

STEP 3: Turn off the printer; failing to do so can break the print head fan blades and cause other (possibly dangerous) issues.

STEP 4: Let the extruder cool to prevent burning yourself.

STEP 5: Loosen the extruder with a size 2 Allan key/driver applied to the black grub screw found behind the fans (see the image below):

STEP 6: Unbind the wire wrap at the back of the print head until the wire connectors are exposed:

STEP 7: Find the Heat Cartridge wires (the RED wires) coming from the extruder that you plan to change and follow them up to the connectors exposed from the previous step. Here is an image of the print head from underneath to help guide you. CUT the wire-tie (see image); it is not necessary to replace it:


STEP 8: By twisting the connection points back and forth while pulling apart, disconnect the two (2) heat cartridge connectors for the extruder that you are planning on changing from the bundle of wires/connectors exposed in STEP 6.

[Only one of the two connectors is disconnected in the image above.]

STEP 9: Slide the extruder out of the print head and use pliers to unscrew the thermistor from the old extruder nozzle block.

STEP 10: The old extruder is completely disconnected now and can be set aside or throw out. The old thermistor wire will be used unless you are also experiencing technical issues regarding it

STEP 11: Do everything in reverse with the new extruder hot end:

    A) Screw on old thermistor.

    B) Slide the extruder back into the print head.

    C) Connect the heat cartridge connectors.

    D) Re-wrap the wire wrap over the exposed connectors and bundle of wires.

    E) Tighten the grub screw holding the ONLY enough to slightly hold the extruder in place; you will need to align your extruder.

STEP 12: Align the extruder using the following solution link: How to align both extrusion nozzles to the same height for optimum print quality

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you have a Creatr Single Extruder, adjusting the height of your extruder or nozzle will require re-calibration of the level of the print bed and/or the z-offset. Homing the printer without correcting this could damage the printer.

STEP 13: Re-calibrate the print bed level and/or the z-offset using the following solution link: How to calibrate and level your Leapfrog Creatr Series glass print bed for optimum print quality

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