Note: The images used in this solution article are from the current Windows version of Materialise; the Mac version will look differently.

If you notice the temperature of your hot end changes during the printing time of a gcode you sliced using the Materialise software please follow the steps below in order to correct this issue:

1. First make sure you have the latest software and firmware updates on your Creatr HS printer:

Update CreatrHS Stand-Alone software

Flash new firmware on the CreatrHS

Set extruder offset for your CreatrHS (M50)

2. Once the software and firmware updates are installed in this particular order, next is to make sure you have the latest print profiles for the Materialise software. 

- For this first import a STL file and then go to 3D Print:

- Next go to preferences:

Then Edit Profiles:

- Now just click update and the new profiles will be imported automatically:

If the issue is still present even after the updates please contact Leapfrog Technical Support and one of our agents will guide you through the next steps in solving this issue.